Customer Service

Computer Cabbies is committed to your satisfaction in these ways:

We fix it or you don't pay.

Many repair companies charge you a minimum amount for coming to your home whether they can fix the problem or not. If Computer Cabbies can't fix your problem, you don't pay! It's that simple.

We'll tell you the price before we start.

You'll know what the repair is going to cost you before Computer Cabbies ever starts the repair. No gotchas.

We're honest to a fault.

Computer Cabbies will ALWAYS tell you what is in YOUR best interest. If your computer is not worth fixing or upgrading, we'll tell you so, even if it means we don't get paid for coming out.

We don't gouge you on parts.

Some companies low-ball you with what seems to be a good price for the service call but then gouge you on what they charge you for parts. Computer Cabbies only charges you what the current market price is for that item. It's the price you'd most likely pay if you went out and bought it yourself.

We stand by our service.

Computer Cabbies offers you a 30-day "break in" guarantee. If anything related to the initial repair goes wrong in the first 30 days, we're back to fix it pronto at no charge. Parts are warranted for 90 days from the date of repair. If a part fails that Computer Cabbies installed within 90 days, we're back to replace it at no charge. Please read our contract for full warranty details.

We speak to you in terms you understand

No Geek-Speak here. Many times service people, speaking in technical terms, cannot relate to customers. Computer Cabbies will explain what we are doing to your computer in terms that compute. We explain and teach. It's part of what we do.

To find out about our complete customer service commitment to you, please read our "Computer Cabbies' 10 Commandments."

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