Computer Cabbies offers a unique pricing scheme you won't find anywhere.

The Basics

  • Initial visit to fix one problem is $99.95 (includes most problems. Check below to see exclusions.).
  • Fixing any additional problems will be at a cost of $69.95 per problem.
  • No diagnostic fees!
  • You will ALWAYS know in advance what the cost of your solution will be.
  • We are never evasive about price!

We don't charge by the hour.

Other companies charge you by the hour while you sweat watching how slowly the service person works. Not Computer Cabbies. We charge you only by the solutions we provide for you. We've created a most unique fee structure that is in your best interest! It doesn't matter how long it takes Computer Cabbies to fix your problem because we never charge by the hour. You will know in advance what it will cost to fix your problem. No surprises. This pricing scheme is UNIQUE in the business! Nobody wants to pay an incompetent repair person by the hour!

If we can't fix your problem, there's no charge!

Computer Cabbies offers you the ultimate guarantee: if we can't fix your problem, there is no charge. Nada. Nichts. You have nothing to lose by calling us out to fix your problem.

We don't gouge you on parts.

Although parts are not included in the $99.95 rate, Computer Cabbies charges only retail market prices for the parts we install. The price we charge for a part is the same as the price you probably would pay if you bought the part yourself at a local store. We do the shopping for you at no extra charge.


Please note that certain larger jobs (which we call "projects") cannot be charged at the $99.95 rate.

The following are examples of projects. Call for a quote for the following:

  • Reformatting of hard drive and reinstalling Windows, your programs and data.
  • Data recovery.
  • In-home/office networking.
  • Customized solutions to meet whatever needs you have.
  • Fixing other pre-existing problems which prevent the repair of the original problem. (Example: You want to upgrade your video card but when it comes time to install the software, it is discovered the CD ROM drive doesn't work on your computer). In that case, you'll be notified immediately of what the problem is, what the extra charge will be and we'll ask for your permission to continue.

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