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In-Home Computer Repair

The backbone of Computer Cabbies is the in-home/home business/small business market. We provide a variety of computer solutions, especially computer repair. Users who depend on their computers need solutions and need it back in service fast. Computer Cabbies comes to your home so you don't have to take your computer apart and bring it in to someone who'll keep it for days or even weeks. Most problems can be fixed that day!

Back Up Systems

What would you do it your hard drive crashed and you lost all your data and programs? That's a question you NEVER want to have to answer. Have Computer Cabbies set up a back up system for you that will have you backed up and running in less than a couple hours without missing a beat.


Computer Cabbies will come to your home/business and evaluate whatever system you are considering upgrading. If your computer is too old to upgrade in a cost-effective manner, we'll tell you so and advise you on the type of new system you should purchase. Upgrades can be done for the same price as our regular service call.

Spyware/Virus Extractions

Most computers have spyware and viruses on them that owners have NO IDEA exist. The computer runs slowly and is often times redirected to malicious web sites. Have Computer Cabbies extract this insidious software and protect your system.

Internet Setup/Security

There are hackers out there that want your information. If you have an Internet connection, you have a BIG pipe connecting your private information to the world. Have Computer Cabbies evaluate your current security and advise you of improvements you can make to secure your system.

Home/Small Business Networking

Want to share printers, Internet connections and files with other computers in your home? Then you'll want to set up a home network. Computer Cabbies can do it for you now and show you the kind of network that will best meet YOUR needs.

Data Retrieval

Did you delete a file you absolutely need? Did your hard drive crash? There may be a way to get at your information. Call Computer Cabbies and we'll see if we can retrieve your files. If we can't, there's no charge and we'll even recommend a specialist who probably can!

Software Installation

Can't get a program to install? We'll see if something is conflicting with your program and hang on tech support with the software company so you don't have to! Remember, we don't charge by the hour so you don't have to watch the clock as we hang on tech support for you!

Computer Education

Need to know how to accomplish something on your computer or use some software? Call Computer Cabbies for in-home education. Computer Cabbies employs current and former credentialed teachers and professionals who can help you learn what you need to know. Businesses, call for a quote for small business training from one of our professionals!

Free Consulting

Whatever solutions you need, we're there to give you your options and to recommend a best way to proceed based on YOUR needs. We never charge to evaluate your situation and recommend a solution.

Call 951.442.8833 for service today!

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