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Computer Optimization Programs

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Published: Wednesday, July 13, 2011

So what about these websites, radio and TV ads claiming to double the speed of your computer?  Should I believe them?  Well, the short answer is: no.  When you go to these sites, you are invited to scan your computer for "free."  So we took up one of the sites on its offer and had the site scan our brand new and optimized Windows 7 computer.  These websites have you download software which "scans" your computer for errors.  So we downloaded and installed the program and did the free scan.  The result?  87 "errors" were found on our new PC.  These "errors" are entries in the Windows registry.  The site then encoraged us to purchase its "solution" for $49.95 to rid PC of these errors.  In fact, each of these registry "errors" is a normal entry (called a "key") in the Windows 7 registry and are put there by Microsoft.  They do NOT slow your computer down.  We believe that these programs try to scare you into thinking that you have issues with your computer when in fact you may not.  We have personal experience with one of our customers who actually purchased the online service for his computer which was slow and was giving him a blue screen (BSOD).  The online company then went to work on our customer and upsold him on its "premium" service for $249.  For this fee, one of the site's "technicians" established a remote connection with his computer and did some "work."  Our customer reported that the computer continued to be slow and produce blue screens.  When we came to assess the problem, we found that one of the memory chips in the computer had gone bad.  It was the bad memory module which was producing the blue screen.  No software can solve a problem caused by a bad memory module (RAM chip).   In addition, the computer did not have enough RAM, so when we replaced the defective module, we doubled the amount of RAM the computer had which greatly speeded up the computer.  Adding RAM (the computer's short term memory) is the single greatest thing one can do to increase a computer's speed.  These companies are dubious at best and we strongly recommend avoiding them.  They use high pressure sales tactics and unprofessional troubleshooting techniques.

So what does significantly increase a computer's speed?

1. Adding more RAM.  The more the better.

2. Reducing the amount of programs which load themselves at start up.  This can be done with the MSCONFIG utility.  Many computers have way too much loading at start up, most of which is unnecessary.

3. Stopping unnecessary services from running.  A service in Windows is essentially a program which runs in the background and provides some functionality for either Windows or an installed program.  One example of a service is "Bonjour," a mostly unnecessary service which is loaded when ITunes is installed.

Sometimes, a computer is just so old that none of these solutions can bring the results one wants.  In that case, it's time to break down and buy a new computer.  No software can cure old!

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Hello and Welcome

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Published: Thursday, February 10, 2011

We have just launched our blog! Check back soon for more news and updates from Computer Cabbies.

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